Ohio Capital Finance Corporation

Expansion and new capital marked two of the accomplishments for OCFC in 2019. Led by the implementation and leverage of OCFC’s 2018 Capital Magnet Fund Award from the CDFI Fund, OCFC provided 48 loans to affordable housing developers with total production exceeding $87,750,000 and assisted with the production and preservation of over 3,171 units.

OCFC created a new initiative, The 614 for Linden, to revitalize a disinvested neighborhood on the northeast side of Columbus. The 614 for Linden is a collaborative named for six nonprofits partnering with four community development financial institutions (CDFIs) to have a positive and significant impact on one Columbus neighborhood, Linden. Its mission is to create and preserve affordable housing and commercial development, as well as to provide access to capital for small businesses, and offer health services to residents.

The 614 for Linden received a $5 million grant as a national competition winner of JPMorgan Chase’s PRO Neighborhoods initiative. As the award recipient and lead CDFI, OCFC embarked on developing and structuring a $20 million loan pool in partnership with three other CDFIs: The Affordable Housing Trust for Columbus and Franklin County, Finance Fund Capital Corporation, and the Economic and Community Development Institute (ECDI). This collaboration intends to develop 700 affordable housing units, create two healthy food outlets, provide technical assistance and microloans to small businesses, improve health and wellness, and build community engagement with the residents of Linden.

Additionally, OCFC was also the recipient of the highly competitive 2019 Capital Magnet Fund program. OCFC will utilize its $7,700,000 award to provide predevelopment and acquisition loans for LIHTC and non-LIHTC affordable housing developments, as well as support economic development activities within Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia.

OCFC’s core product lines continue to expand to meet the needs of affordable housing developers and provide a full range of services including predevelopment financing, acquisition financing, equity bridge/construction loan financing, and permanent financing.

OCFC operates five revolving loan funds:

– Ohio Affordable Housing Loan Fund

– Ohio Preservation Loan Fund

– OCFC Capital Magnet Loan Pool

– Southside Renaissance Fund

– Cincinnati Neighborhood Transformation Fund

OCFC is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Entity, as certified by the United States Department of the Treasury.

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Making a Difference through Community Partnerships

OCFC expanded its reach in 2019 beyond tax credit lending to encompass neighborhood transformation and to preserve naturally occurring affordable housing. OCFC’s established investment through the South Side Renaissance Fund is expanding to include new funding sources and partnerships in Linden.

Ohio Loans by County

OCFC has provided loans in 78% of Ohio’s counties.

OCFC’s mission of “providing a flexible source of capital to increase and improve the supply of affordable rental housing across Ohio” has remained steadfast while expanding to meet market needs.

OCFC Partners

Since 2002, OCFC has generated over $583 million in 675 loans utilized to develop and finance 29,105 units of affordable housing (36% of which were preservation) across Ohio. OCFC is grateful to its investors and participants for their commitment to affordable housing while being mindful of the needs of its borrowers.

Accomplishments 2002-2019

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